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What is Steam ID?

Steam account finder tool

Using this website you can convert the steam id and other steam account information to allow you to look up profiles and analyse a profiles history and find old friends. It is also widely used to help catch Scammers and cheaters and provide functions via the SteamAPI that steam themselves do not display

SteamID is a large database driven website that spans several servers which helps track Friends lists, Games,Avatars ,Name history and more!

This site also provides tools and its own API!

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Whats new?

10/07/2016: Top SteamID ratings here
10/07/2016: SteamID Digit stats here
12/06/2016: VAC , Community , Trade Ban lists now available
12/06/2016: Player ratings now available to logged in users
12/06/2016: Added steam level to profiles

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