Steamid.eu (formally steamid.co.uk) is a website where you can convert players user information back to their account (SteamID /Steam3 /CommunityID / ShortURL) , view statistics and other information. SteamID keeps a local cache of publicly obtainable information to then display stats and other infomation.

SteamID has then moved into an extensive steam profile viewer which allows you to view all kinds of information and statistics that you may not be able to see from Valve themselves. There is honestly too much to write about what it does here as its always changing! – checkout a profile for yourself.

SteamID also offers free services for the community to use such as dynamically generated images that are hosted on site, Multiple lookup tools , Search historical records, Our own database API, Link players with same avatars and much more.

Who made steamid.eu?

The site has been entirely made by Martin "M!st" Sheen including dedicated server setups and all other supporting servers that help SteamID operate.


Who hosts SteamID
Can you remove my steam profile
Can you give me your code
Why is your site out of date
Need help with SteamID?
Why am I blacklisted
How can i contact you?
What CMS does SteamID use?

Who hosts steamid

Steamid is hosted on its own dedicated server. This is hosted with OVH.
The original SSD VPS solution was far too slow for what I wanted.
Specs are: i7 , 64gb ram , 3 x 480GB SSD's

Can you remove my profile

SteamID pulls information from public sources, If the account is removed the website will automaticly pull all information back though.
If you profile is made private, SteamID will still display public information such as some name changes and avatar history (Which is still obtainable from steam anyway)

Can you give me your code or help me code

While I have given out code and helped people get onto the SteamAPI, I will not officially give out steamids code
I do sometimes help with projects but due to family and work commitments this is a rarity now.
You can however use the Steamid API listed in the menus at the top

Your site is out of date

Sometimes the site will fall behind, I solely work on the site myself as well as maintaining a full time job, my own family with three children, sometimes I simply don't have enough time but i try and do as much as i can

Do you need help with steamid?>

While i am the only developer on steamID any support is appreciated, You can submit content ideas, change ideas and art work to me and this will be considered and credited back to you.

How can I contact you?

Forum here

What CMS Does Steamid use?

SteamID has been written from the ground up so there are no content management systems in place. The back end / hosting side of things does use an online panel which has been locked down and customised. As of 25/04/2015 the site moved to using the bootstrap framework for the front end.
This site is not affiliated with Valve / Steam in any way