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SteamID Steam Finder

Steamid has its own API's which you can use.
Profile feed
Steamid / CommunityID converter
If you use the API - A link back to the site would be much appreciated

Profile lookup

The response is given in XML and all you require is:
*Api Key (Generate from my profile area)
*64bit ID to look up (example:76561197977933359)

Example request:

Example Response:

Example Error Response:

Error codes:
1) Player / ID not found
2) ID Incorrect / too long
3) Api Key not recognised
4) You are over the API threshold contact the site to get more "credits"
5) No ID
6) No API key

If there is no name history, it will throw an error previous_name->error->"None found"

Profile converter

The response is given in XML and all you require is:
*64bit ID to look up (example:76561197977933359) OR *32bit ID to lookup (example: STEAM_0:0:84356)
Example request:,[U:1:17667631],76561197981465414,STEAM_0:1:37787340

Example response:

Example error response:

Error codes:
1) No steamid found
2) No communityid found
3) No data found
We are NOT affiliated with Valve / Steam in any way