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How to find my steam id

Finding your steam id


If you have set a Short URL on your steam account you can simply search for this and the steam id finder will return the steam account needed.

Steam Community

In the main steam window click your player name and click "profile".
Right click on the page will enable you to copy your steam profile link.
Example: (
Simply paste this community link into the search box on this site to find the steam account

Steam ID

To find your steam id in game follow the below steps:
 In game navigate to: options>keyboard>advanced
You need to enable “developer console”
once this is enabled join a game server.
When you are on the server press ` (normaly next to number 1 top left)
In the console type "status"  and hit return A list of players on the server will be given with all steam ids.
You can select and then search your steam id or you can copy the console log into the websites multiple lookup tool to search for all.

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