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Last online: 6 hours ago
Country: Yemen
Steam member since: 29/05/2004
Member for: 14 years
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NameWhen It Was Changed
Java Jonz17 Jun 5:54pm
Jonz13 Jun 10:06am
juan12 Jun 4:13pm
381dpi31 Dec 2017 5:00am
I want to play counter strike17 Nov 2017 9:45am
Royale Boy27 Oct 2017 10:36pm
Roid Boy12 Oct 2017 2:11pm
Medium Boy3 Oct 2017 11:16am
Sunday Boy1 Oct 2017 9:31am
Dais dead to me28 Sep 2017 12:10am
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    Java Jonz Jonz juan
    381dpi I want to play counter strike Royale Boy Roid Boy Medium Boy Sunday Boy Dais dead to me Vladmir A Game For Men Official Russian CSGO Player RailRoad RailRoad :*****wi.. RailRoad:*****wi.. Yr .. 12 Years A Sm.. 12 Years A Si.. Oh Danny.. Too T.. No Dais dead t.. .. Blw 12 Years a Si.. Django Unra.. Hazard.. Dai Hitler NoS.. RailRoad2Si.. RailRoa.. Mein Kampf 2.. RailRoad2Ausch.. David are yo.. Mein Kampf to Gold No.. Mein Kampf to Gl.. 118 Straight Thr.. Skip D.. RailRoad2Ausch.. Half De.. Blick the P.. Mein Schwe.. *** Mein Schweeper..
    Rudolf Hi.. Mein Schweeper NoS.. Format Style Activ.. KQLY Style Activ.. J.. Banned 7 day - you.. Anyone NOT Boos.. Refugee from Silver I ;3 .. Ban.. CounterStrike: Russia.. CounterStrike: Russian Edi.. CounterStruke: Russian Edi.. Ble.. Refugee from Si.. BNK TeRaPud.. Y U CH.. They Talk About My One.. YouRe.. Once a C.. Boost Bri.. Team of Russ.. Richie Rich S.. .. Settling .. They see my one.. The.. dai .. Hitler was right about the.. Boost Brid.. lil B.. BoostedB.. AFKing Ca.. AF.. Repo..
    Ye of little f.. Goosefr.. .. Global Elite Smurf, Surre.. You.. - gots, Everyw.. I M!sse.. I M!isse.. WaterMe.. GlobalEliteFr.. SupremeWedne.. SupremeTue.. Road to ra.. .. S.. Cyka ☭.. .. Killed you with a steering.. Retards, everyw.. .. Silver Elite Ma.. .. CS or SteelW.. .. Juan Deag ᕙ(▀̿Ĺ̯▀..
    VAC POLICE ᕙ(▀̿Ĺ̯.. New Sensiti.. Steelworks is always with.. .. .. Burka D.. .. .. .. .. Dan is.. .. IWANTALONGNAMETOBECOOLLIKE.. .. Kim Jong..
    .. .. Bad H.. Commandant .. .. Clem Dand..

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Reefa n/a
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rancid n/a
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my mates cheated on here :( 492 n/a
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.a m n e z i a ヅ 119 n/a

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