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Level: 60

chloë💖 steam account avatar

Last Login Date: 18/08/2017

VAC Banned
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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:19511413

Steam3: [U:1:39022827]

Community ID: 76561197999288555

Custom URL: shanaplayer

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Last online: 7 hours ago
Real Name: close friends can also call me zoey
Country: Japan
Steam member since: 16/06/2008
Member for: 9 years
VAC BannedVAC Banned 1262 Days ago, Overall bans : 1
Profile updated: 427 times on SteamID
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Name History

NameWhen It Was Changed
chloë💖16 Jul 8:34am
chloë💖GoT today!16 Jul 2:14am
chloë💖GoT soon!11 Jul 1:06pm
chloë💖GoT soon11 Jul 1:01pm
chloë💖 centio :39 Jul 8:27am
chloë💖 plushy x38 Jul 9:08am
chloë💖 (pc broken)6 Jul 3:19pm
chloë💖 #RL Update ;3335 Jul 3:41pm
chloë💖 allnightercrew19 Jun 10:25pm
chloë💖 (LF 2s)17 Jun 1:46pm
372 Name changes stored for this account

Previous Gamer Names

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    chloë.. chloë💖GoT to.. chloë💖GoT s.. chloë💖GoT .. chloë.. chloë💖 centi.. chloë💖 plush.. chloë.. chloë💖 (pc bro.. chloë💖 #RL Update .. chloë.. chloë💖 allnighter.. chloë.. chloë💖 (LF.. i leave after 1 goal aga.. chloë.. chloë💖 hardstylepa.. chloë💖 hardstylefana.. chloë✨💖 hardstylef.. chloë✨💖 (LF.. chloë✨💖 (LF 2.. chloë✨.. chloë✨💖 (.. chloë✨💖 coo.. chloë✨💖 shop.. chloë✨.. chloë✨💖 sh.. chloë✨💖 slee.. chloë✨💖 legend .. chloë✨💖 almost le.. chloë✨.. chloë✨💖 coo.. chloë✨💖 cookin.. chloë✨💖 slee.. chloë✨💖 bbq part.. chloë✨ sleepy.. chloë✨ sl.. chloë✨ newgp.. chloë✨ nyaah.. chloë✨ sleeping.. chloë✨ happy💖.. 💖💋✨chloë✨💋.. 💖💋✨chloë✨💋.. chloë ❤ (happ.. chloë (1 week o.. chloë (sle.. ch.. ᅚᅚ.. ᅚᅚ.. chl.. c.. ch.. chloë (crying.. chloë (sad.. chloë (lonely.. ch.. chloë (crying... ch.. chloë (crying.. Ch.. lonely (please talk to.. .. sad.. im.. RS | Chlo.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday to.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday tomor.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday 2 d.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday 3 d.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday 4 d.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday 5 d.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday 6 d.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday 7 d.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday 8 d.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday 9 d.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday 10 d.. RS | Chloë✨ (bday 11 d.. RS | Chloë✨ (mov.. ✨Miss Chlo.. ✨Miss Chloë✨ (s.. Na.. ⭐✨Chloë.. ⭐✨Chloë✨⭐ (lon..
    ⭐✨Chloë✨⭐(s.. ⭐✨🎄❆Chloë❆🎄.. ❆⭐✨🎄Chloë🎄✨.. .. Pinkie.. Pinkie Shy (.. Pinkie Shy (lon.. ⭐✨Chloë✨⭐ (Bo.. ✨Chlo.. Tywin Lanni.. ✨Chloë✨ (.. Ch.. ShanaPl.. .. Chloë (s.. 💗💗💗💗 Ch.. Chloë 💗💗💗💗.. Chloë 💗💗.. Chloë .. Chloë 💗 (bbq pa.. Chloë 💗 (new shoes .. Chloë 💗 (sho.. Chl.. Chloë (watching .. Chloë ci.. The Fat and the Ugly Ch.. Chloë (dont talk to.. Chloë (.. Chloë (bo.. Chloë (feeling like s.. Chloë 💗 (leave me al.. Chloë 💗 (lon.. Chloë (Bore.. chloë (lonely and broke.. 💗💗💗💗💗💗.. 💗💗💗💗💗💗.. 💗💗💗💗.. 💗💗.. who will ragequit .. rage.. Chloë 💗 (Bored.. Chloë 💗 (bo.. Chloë 💗 (sad.. Chloë 💗 [gone for 2 we.. Leave me a.. Depressed .. Chloë The Attention W.. 💖 Chloë 💖 (.. 💖 Chloë 💖 (bo.. 💖 Chloë .. 💖 Chloë 💖 in l.. 💖 Chloë 💖 cat.. 💖 Chloë 💖 happy .. Chloë 💖 (deeply in l.. 💖 Chloë 💖 (s.. 💖 Chloë 💖 (in l.. Chloë 💖 .. 💖 Chloë 💖 crazy in .. 💖 Chloë 💖 cryi.. 💖 Chloë 💖 deeply in.. 💖 Chloë 💖 (deeply i.. Chloë (deeply in l.. Shana........... Shana....... Shana.... Chloë The Rocket League R.. Chloë Drivers license e.. Chloë Drivers license h.. 💖 Chloë 💖 bday girl.. 💖 Chloë 💖 bda.. 💖 Chloë 💖 .. 💖 Chloë 💖 bday t.. 💖 Chloë 💖 bday tomo.. 💖 Chloë 💖 ha.. 💖 Chloë 💖 Shop.. 💖 Chloë 💖 Happy Kin.. 💖 Cнloe .. 💖 Chloe .. 💖 Chloe 💖 snug.. C.. 💖 Chloe 💖 love plush.. Chloe。.. Chloe... 💖 Chloe 💖 love plus.. 💖 Chloe 💖 head.. 💖 Chloe 💖 #B.. Chloe (ShanaPla.. 💖 Chloe 💖 TowerUnite.. 💖 Chloe 💖 TowerUnite.. 💖 Chloe 💖 TowerUnite.. 💖 Chloe 💖 TowerUnite.. 💖 Chloe 💖 TowerUnite.. Cristiano Ron.. 💖 Chloe 💖 nap.. Chloe #RainbowSockie.. ℘inki.. 💖 Chloe 💖 Gone shopp.. 💖 Chloe 💖 #.. The B.. 💖 Chloe 💖 lo.. 💖 Chloe 💖 .. 💖 Chloe 💖 Passe.. 💖 Chloe 💖 Exam Tomor.. 💖 Chloe 💖 New phone..
    💖 Chloe 💖 #NY.. WE DO THE - I.. 💖 Chloe 💖 #gl - .. 💖 Chloe 💖 #nekocos.. 💖 Chloe 💖 #catears.. 💖 Chloe 💖 sl.. 💖 Chloe 💖 Reli.. 💖 Chloe 💖 PANICIN.. 💖 Chloe 💖 crying to .. 💖 Chloe 💖 Hallowee.. 💖 Chloe 💖 .. 💖 Chloe 💖 shop.. use.. 💖 Chloe 💖 .. 💖 Chloe 💖 sho.. 💖 Chloe 💖 cleanin.. 💖 Chloe 💖 cooking di.. 💖 Chloe 💖 showe.. 💖 Shana .. 💖 Shana 💖 sl.. 💖 Shana 💖 sh.. Shana ♥ sl.. Shana ♥ depre.. Shana.. Shana ♥.. Shana ♥ b.. Shana ♥ Sleeping w .. Shana ♥ naus.. Shana ♥ h.. Shana ♥ shop.. Shana ♥ lewd sh.. Shana ♥ cuddl.. Shana ♥ t.. Shana ♥ cud.. Shana ♥ feeling f.. Shana ♥ sh.. Shana ♥ dinner.. Shana ♥ sleepy w.. Shana ♥ i love u.. Shana ♥ Vide.. Shana ♥ happy .. Shana ♥ im hor.. Shana ♥ .. Shana ♥ in love .. Shana ♥ lonel.. Shana ♥ coc.. Shana ♥ nap.. Shana ♥ brb .. Cold, Lonely, Depressed, S.. Shana ♥ Sleeps alon.. Shan.. Shana crying in be.. Shana ♥ In lov.. Shana ♥ .. Shana♥.. Shana ♥ i love.. Shana ♥ True Love.. Shana ♥ Never Let You Go.. ♥ Shana ♥ in love.. ♥ Shana.. ♥ Shana ♥ Cryin.. ♥ Shana ♥ Ha.. ♥ Shana ♥ cud.. ♥ Shana ♥ cuddle with.. ♥ Shana ♥ cuddle me ir.. ♥ Shana ♥ Happ.. ♥ Shana ♥ depresse.. forever a.. Shana ♥ twitch.tv ShanaP.. ♥ Shana ♥ ish lo.. ♥ Shana ♥ conf.. ♥ Shana ♥ in .. pinki ♥ Jr The A.. pinki ♥ ish in wu.. pinki.. ♥ Shana ♥ cold.. ♥ Shana ♥ BORED.. ♥ Shana ♥ Sleeps w A.. ♥ Shana ♥ Horn.. ♥ Shana ♥ (シャ.. ♥ Shana ♥ #WantsT.. ♥ Shana ♥ #9 11.. ♥ Shana ♥ at .. ♥ Shana ♥ sh.. ♥ Shana ♥ Sleeps w .. ♥ Shanachan.. ♥ Shanachan ♥ .. ♥ Shanachan ♥ .. ♥ Shanachan ♥ M.. ♥ Shana chan ♥ M.. ♥ Shana chan.. ♡ Shana chan.. Shana Sleeps w Midn.. S.. ℘inki ღ Sleeping w A.. ℘inki ღ taking a na.. ℘inki ღ ish in wuv .. ℘inki ღs cudd.. ℘inki ღSleeps w Rarity.. ℘inki ღ ish in .. UniC.. ℘inki ღ ish sic.. ℘inki ღ ish slee.. ℘inki ღ ish lonel.. ℘inki ღ ish sleepie.. ℘inki ღSleeps w Rainbo.. ℘inki ღ Sleeping w Rai.. ℘inki ღs hugg.. ℘inki filly.. ℘inki ღ~ [back mon.. ℘inki ღ [installing .. ℘inki ღs snuggle.. ℘inki ღ ish frisk.. ℘inki ღ ish really t.. ℘inki ღ ish hap.. ℘inki ღ being si.. ℘inki ღ Sleeping w .. ℘inki ღ ish ti.. ℘inki ღs my fwendys so.. ℘inki ღ snuggles w .. ℘inki ღ tickles Neo.. ℘inki ღs snugg.. ℘inki ღ is.. ℘inki Sleeps w MooMoo&am.. ℘inki ღ Sleeping w Moo.. ℘.. ℘inki ღs Rainbow Dash.. ℘inki ღ Sleeping w DjP.. ℘inki ღ my fwe.. ℘inki ღ ish asweep~ Zz.. ℘inki cud.. ℘inki cuddles w ש♪ภ.. ℘inki ღ b.. ℘inki ღ miss you~ gone.. ℘inki ღ my fwen.. ღ ℘inki Sleeping w.. ღ ℘inki.. ღ ℘inki ღ Sleeping w.. ღ ℘inki ღ Sleepin.. ღ ℘inki ღ Sleeping .. ℘inki ღ Sleeping w.. ℘inki ღ Sleeping w Uni.. Pinkie Shy~ Sleeps w Kri.. Pinkie .. Pinkie Shy~ Sleeps w Sweet.. Pinkie Shy~ Sleeps w UniCl.. Pinkie Shy~ Cuddles~.. Pinkie Shy~ ;3UniClou.. Pinkie Shy~ Sleeps w Unii .. B.. Bryannnnnnnn.. Bryann.. Bryan.. Pinkie Shy #superh..
    Pinkie Shy #NY.. Pinkie Shy #hug.. Pinkie Shy #X.. Pinkie Shy #.. Pinkie Shy #h.. Pinkamena.. Pinkie Shy #week.. Pinkie S.. Pinkie S.. Pinkie Shyy.. Pinkie Sh.. Pinkie Shy sh.. SUI.. Pinkie Shy #bdayTODAY.. Pinkie Shy #bdayTOMO.. Pinkie Shy #bdayin2.. Pinkie Shy #bdayin3.. Pinkie Shy #bdayin4.. Pinkie Shy #bdayin5.. Pinkie Shy #bdayin6..
    Quag.. QцagMe.. |WZ|Quag.. |WZ|QцagMe.. QцagMeyeЯ☣HΛЯDƧƬΥ.. QцagMeyeЯ☣HΛЯDƧƬΥ..
    |WZ.. QцagMeyeЯ☣HΛЯDƧƬ.. |WZ|QuagmirebackfromS.. |WZ|Quagmire@..
    QцagMeyeЯ ☣ HΛЯDƧƬ..

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𝓛𝓞𝓢𝓣 @ 2017-06-12 01:52:03
This GUY loves pretending he is a girl, calling himself Chlo and using the profile pic http:media.steampowered.comsteamcommunitypublicimagesavatars979742e6b840b904d8b997044ec29f99e99b641f09_full.jpg Constantly starts drama when its all over and done with, very hateful and a complete sociopath also a complete hypocrite. Complains about people silently deleting him and does it a day later P.S Stop stalking me

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Aggie ♥ n/a
Loli n/a
Samurai Pizza Doug n/a
NaSsim n/a
✨Kaizoku Otaku✨ n/a
Mommy -3
Loli n/a
tzonis DDDD n/a
§SM§ Blowad [Neb] +1
Lisa n/a
Rustyy n/a
Nekonin n/a
HazzardFreak n/a
Lightwing -2
Cjnfl n/a
moko n/a
Fluchy♫X3 n/a
Nҽσ n/a
NoLimit Gugen :3 n/a
Jaywy n/a
Inverness n/a
Jacky Chan *Cries in Soviet* n/a
♥ Petter!~ 33 ♥ n/a
CutieChux3 n/a
Lu n/a
kensi. n/a
Tsunami™ n/a
GearBoy™ n/a
pizzaguyis n/a
Torito n/a
Shiro~Senpai❤ n/a
Madoka n/a
Chris P Bacon n/a
GFX TM|H TheModdingHD™ n/a
Constantina n/a
Khyness ღ n/a
Griffith n/a
💔~Darksideofhell~💔 n/a
Bad Harmony +1
vodkey n/a
Lila n/a
illegal alien n/a
★ Kyol | ダニエル n/a
Shadows n/a
Ƥrincess ♡ -1
「D E D E D_V E G E T A L」 n/a
Noah Shy™ n/a
Macka n/a
Дракон n/a
Malcolm n/a
Riri ☆ n/a
Khakirook623 n/a
Ezelo n/a
LazyRýuukø n/a
Raiden n/a
Sey n/a
Eder el cool chico pony +1
Story n/a
Miss Skyfox n/a
¤ Karts n/a
Ari ♡ n/a
Darkness Rush n/a
Ghost_Toast n/a
BerufsZocker n/a
Her3Aft3r n/a
Asia Kouhai アルジェント n/a
ninjak01 n/a
♡ california blush -3
Judge n/a
mint。 n/a
gone n/a
🌙 -1
Pinks n/a
Mͪiͤnͪiͤsͯhͩ 🐾 🦊 n/a
✿Haru xo✿ n/a
Gisol n/a
Ricktainium n/a
mert n/a
Tettric n/a
Shadowplayer n/a
カナ n/a
Pansy Tongue n/a
Ąlfie ♡ n/a
堕天使ヨハネ n/a
u better stop. n/a
Suzu n/a
Borees n/a
[unassigned] n/a
Hunnie Bunnie n/a
A Mei Zing n/a
󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡Sylbar n/a
Dreamcast n/a
King Bungee n/a
Poonikins n/a
Alexis~ -1
Doctor Dorito n/a
asmodeus n/a
Soft n/a
watanabe n/a
ThatDemonicGuy ツ n/a
Nopie Divide n/a
4dams n/a
Ministeve n/a
Kyle n/a
Z1RE n/a
∂3ѕ3я т | мíssт3я 33 n/a
Terrordog not on vacation n/a
Vengeance n/a
「Kuro」 n/a
❤️ Blazie™ ❤ n/a
Wendy Marvell n/a
SurpriZe n/a
сука n/a
cheeki breeki n/a
Fa Kyu n/a
strakky n/a
Crimson n/a
RetroJames101 n/a
dsliX n/a
Vampire Woona 💤💤💤 n/a
Sia (health problems) -1
Paladinus #neverlucky n/a
Festuca n/a
MexL n/a
AKQJ10Please n/a
Sneaky Mouse n/a
✪ Rumirion n/a
HeadHunter n/a
meharryp n/a
76561198071561776 n/a
EmersedKris n/a
Ile n/a
Shadow n/a
Raven Sykes n/a
notRicey n/a
♪Kak - H1♪ n/a
neo n/a
R U Ready - es caserandom.com n/a
Morgan n/a
Komyo n/a
Nex n/a
(DMT) Daniel_Meister) n/a
RENCEり n/a
Prodigious Gamer n/a
King Pillow™ n/a
☣Faded Skylight☣ | Not hom n/a
Punto 2017 n/a
Neila ♡ T n/a
Yu n/a
Gril n/a
|D RP|Chronos™ n/a
butcherMANIAC n/a
Klaynada n/a
Tecchi n/a
August The First n/a
shie n/a
DarkHermit n/a
Ąlagos n/a
✪ Vampy™ (Final Week No Desktop) +7
76561198076008185 n/a
rapsodelopront[away] n/a
atmo` n/a
iSicariuZ n/a
Faded♦ n/a
Xqshuner n/a
CSGO-REBORN | Advertising n/a
,mnnmn n/a
Imoru ♥ n/a
Sanks n/a
^1PAR^5COOL n/a
Esdeath~Chan n/a
Bell n/a
nili☆(ゝω・)v +1
DigitalTiger n/a
A Jewel of Gayrity n/a
zombie hunter, nl n/a
Intercept n/a
Hush +1
Lelez n/a
Miss Time n/a
V - r ♛ -1
MasterLeoTheInvincible n/a
Olsen olsen n/a
IceFox (at work) n/a
Tree Of Smoke n/a
AtomicStriker n/a
Kaze ☆ n/a
Trollzor n/a
Chibipower -1
muri n/a
Kムmiko Shy ❓ (NoSound) n/a
The Risinger n/a
Watamelon n/a
Tigrie n/a
Nyamses n/a
Sic n/a
[TAW] marlowe 🐾 n/a
Osama Bin Semen n/a
Sulfurik n/a
ナルミ#w.i☆ツ n/a
Donut Hole +1
.•♥Bubble Heart♥•. n/a
Crispy n/a
eternal sadness n/a
CatMcMuscles n/a
D.va n/a
Nightcorysaurus :3 #Vacation n/a
Polar n/a
pauqp5 n/a
Excision n/a
えぐ n/a
Kanji n/a
Roxy ☽ n/a
Spamishii n/a
2B n/a
†dvoinoizolotoi | n/a
Kotopíu™ ~ Knup n/a
[Teal]artem1458 n/a
Cat n/a
ScarredAlphaWolf n/a
© Wishy n/a
Sayonala嘟嘟嚕 n/a
[LAM] Yoyo senpai n/a
kms myself n/a
rai +2
Charger of Flares n/a
Mr. Nothing n/a
ReapZz 3 n/a
Asuryu -1
Nevaeh n/a
.Priime #Skyy 3 n/a
Yūki n/a
☩Blackhawk☩ n/a
Dr.Chaine n/a
Treavy pone n/a
Twinkle Maria Pie n/a
Bob_Marley n/a
NewspaperBoy n/a
BlueFlame n/a
Ishtaros n/a
.. n/a
limonas n/a
`Goddess^ n/a
KaTSu || 青い稲妻 n/a
Fluff n/a
Drop The Bass n/a
Alexanderer159 n/a
❄ Snow Angellllllll ❄ n/a
Drew6411jr n/a
tima -1
Lørd Lyxia n/a
Arcane n/a
Colonel Sam Trautman n/a
✪Tzuyu #PotatoAim n/a
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner n/a
Mays | Gonna be back this sat n/a
Hedge Abernathy n/a
☣Social Behavior Researcher☣ n/a
Scarlet♥ n/a
❤ Yuri Nakamura n/a
Flavormeister n/a
Epikion n/a
★ Conga ★ n/a
AniCatPro™ n/a
Kayaba Akihiko n/a
EvE. n/a
VladimirM n/a
lemongirl n/a
X y l o n y a n n/a
Chris n/a
[ FrA] Tenshi Akame n/a
LiXt n/a
Why so serious? n/a
Akeko n/a
Kurisu +1
XMercinka n/a
Rin n/a
JokerR |CMBG| n/a
Big Teddy Bear [jordy kun] n/a
魔鬼力量鸭子 n/a
de_pression n/a
Dr.Freedom n/a
drew n/a
Adolf Niggler n/a
αℓyαnαh ✧ +1
RainBro™ n/a
Kortez n/a
Mr.Wolfy n/a
JpKp n/a
FaceBound n/a
҉҈҉҈҈҉҈҉҈҉҈҉ [🅰]bsolutツ n/a
A1BreZZe n/a
Abstract n/a
ツSENPAIツ n/a
Stingerclaw n/a
Melezya n/a
★2D world★ n/a
мibu ⊙ω⊙ n/a
┐(´_`)┌ n/a
Snehet n/a
Possible Psychopath n/a
Happy n/a
Ashi n/a
֍Codeine Tenshi n/a
Alesta +1
corpse n/a
Danielele n/a
[DANK]SlipperyLittleSausage™ n/a
Fluffy Kittie n/a
「 - DUDE 👑」 n/a
Kaytee n/a
NightcoreSuperiority n/a
あ†⎛⎝Gotye⎠⎞†あ n/a
Vengeful Wrath n/a
✠ Wilko -7
Official_Taco | Youtube n/a
Northener1907 n/a
L i G A V i . T V n/a
Adım Adım Anadolu n/a
Artime n/a
ant0nʕ→ᴥ←ʔ n/a
Kjellska n/a
Gravity Squeeze n/a
ϟƘƦƖןןΣX n/a
Dopee ◥◣ ∫ KG ∫ ◢◤ n/a
roman ustkut n/a
♥ Smokey The All Father ♥ n/a
Zquarda Trading Set of Card 1:17 n/a
K5 George 3 n/a
DeckeЯ n/a
Rafael n/a
Sigmy n/a
NekoFuji n/a
Namiko n/a
roxekoi n/a
J_J LFT n/a
Chilly n/a
Blackjack™ +2
kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiichiru n/a
Cat n/a
‹ Dreamie n/a
❀ ❃ Alice ❃ ❀ n/a
Maggie ✩ n/a
Hatsune Miku n/a
Shugah n/a
XOXOL радителей нету n/a
Arcane_Fairy n/a
I ❤ little kittens :3 -1
utugateg waffle n/a
Mar7 n/a
♥ JustMoe ♥ n/a
Socks n/a
Blushes ♥ -1
Lค็็็็็็็็MC n/a
[PP][Red λ]☾❤[Pink]Lulu~ n/a
Diamond n/a
iNightWayFarer n/a
KNAB | Shadowsuniii™ n/a
☾★ Alp Eren 06 ☾★ n/a
Artikusik n/a
♥♥ n/a
what? -2
Eyeball n/a
Homoerotica chefcases.com n/a
PokaTea ⋆ n/a
天使Oni_Crypty n/a
→ Alice#TeamAnchy♔ n/a
xStrawberry™ n/a
yuuki n/a
♡ soph n/a
alayz. n/a
水Spear n/a
Danté n/a
Konno Yuuki ♥ n/a
devil 2017 n/a
tobi the kitsune (firefox) n/a
Hiroshi n/a
Friol -1
[H.K.] Potestatem n/a
Hrqstn n/a
✧Kiwi✧ n/a
4:20 n/a
Leхιlιna. 렉시 ♥ n/a
ShinX n/a
The Derp Nugget n/a
Cyanisk n/a
an Ostrich n/a
ALG.Cherif Abdelhamid n/a
Saber 드림 캐쳐 n/a
LaTheine n/a
Yuna💤 n/a
nagi0330 n/a
Cacti n/a
;konaN n/a
eclipse n/a
Nevu n/a
Dong Enlargement n/a
get_ExQ | VL n/a
fuu n/a
Xx JollyRobin xX n/a
I m Have Hack n/a
agentz610 n/a
♣OVER♣Vexas n/a
Sad n/a
Yung Rage n/a
_Ʈǿ˅ƹ Łǿ _™ n/a
Ryuzaky n/a
sapnu puas n/a
A fan of SovietWomble n/a
Inext💙 n/a
izumi n/a
Kitten 3 n/a
Doomguynator n/a
KailuIsJackleapp n/a
DarkTinMan n/a
originallococoko n/a
♡Henjii n/a
spidershadow n/a
Papa Sam✫ n/a
Mei n/a
Ciel Legacy_qp【JP】