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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41688965

Steam3: [U:1:83377931]

Community ID: 76561198043643659

Custom URL: sophieexmachina

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Black Mage

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Last online: 2 hours ago
Country: Japan
Steam member since: 21/06/2011
Member for: 7 years
Profile updated: 1,365 times on SteamID

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Name History

NameWhen It Was Changed
soph☆desophe14 May 3:40am
sophu10 May 11:51am
sopha (sofa)10 May 9:28am
sopha(sofa)10 May 9:28am
...27 Apr 12:52pm
twitch.tv sophieexmachina23 Jan 10:11am
yamete kudastop2 Jan 7:40am
dumb idiot girl5 Dec 2017 10:05am
希望28 Nov 2017 1:13pm
achoo22 Oct 2017 12:54pm
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    soph☆desophe sophu sopha (sofa) soph☆desophe sophu ... sophu twitch.tv sophieexmachina sophu twitch.tv sophieexmachina sophu yamete kudastop
    sophu dumb idiot girl .. s.. a.. bru.. yamete kuda.. kiss your.. s.. задиш.. .. 柔ら.. sad school.. nekonyan the cu.. задиш.. 💊🐙🌀❓.. s.. s.. s.. breath.. just a house.. s.. frogg off b.. frog off .. catb.. sophti.. ms. sopht.. 💖💝💞💙💚💛.. .. so.. Like a. Fish out of wate.. my dead boyfr.. why is syrup st.. s.. my dead girlfr.. s.. suffocat.. s.. :,) s.. :,( soft .. .. s.. ; JIBUN WO SEKAI SA.. heart.. im alone alone a.. i .. shoo.. catb.. kerokerori.. soft .. CUTE and FLUFFY baby B.. soft .. ORAORAORAORAORAORAOR.. star plat.. can you stop changing n.. murder murder murder kill .. ¥olandi vi.. :.. .. i not crazy am you.. :,( sopht .. s.. goty (gay of the y.. 13:51 Mero: im just.. nothing i feeel not.. .. kys nothing i feeel not.. softest flo.. s.. drea.. cat meow in the fo.. close your eyes swe.. the stars and.. its u that my heart beats.. everything about.. imin.. i dont quite .. dar.. t.. my head h.. jjjj.. idiot dumbe .. dumb idiot .. spitonm.. all those pretty li.. s.. sgjsfjsf.. all of your pi.. vcft,ki... yup.. gfsdfds.. grrr.. s.. if you were here id sing t.. i saw a shooting .. .. ! !zeg nee tegen cyberpest.. g.. feat.. heklo from the otter .. henlo from the other .. nothing i feeel not.. malfunc.. dead we.. christmas mir.. .. s.. lil catbunnyghosts.. s.. die ca.. maybe then youd unders.. fck.. i gotta leave this .. no forgive.. kiss your.. xgft9o0rp gftrm,l ,ftrmjk .. phenomanc.. so.. .. s.. バカな女.. my mom cyberbullie.. fry_ba.. ;3 .. noob.. nr.1 anime d.. fsdjkdasjds.. kill all babyn.. abdoel klaps.. yea cutest bunny in bunny.. noobi.. Bunny Nom Nom EVERYTH.. noobi.. noobi.. noobie.. .. kittykitty stupid K?.. housewife (mom of 3 small .. GAY .. 14:14 妄想: i.. 5 km h bunny jumps over bi.. gay fan.. spitonm.. miauw.. ? mayushii nyan .. nyanti.. kuhaku no rasuto pej.. very fluffluffy.. fluffluffy.. s.. a.. dumb.. vampire squid bunny k.. ;:€ (sq.. .. ?🌀_.. 🎀💚🐙💊我和你.. to it would .. in a dictionary with the .. Little moon.. happy bday ever.. jdg.. ki.. мертв.. we.. meowie1.. home o.. hoe meo.. soft .. sudden .. i wanna hгп г .. mai w.. nyanti.. s.. .. Kitten T.. cat meowing under a car on.. hungry kitten and sudden .. Fluffluffy cat purrs very .. 初恋: NAME CHANGE #17182.. kitten sitting on a .. Cute cat flirting wit.. hold my .. beautiful co.. , ゴ ゴゴ ゴ Menacing .. my cat beats m.. all i want is.. breath.. stupidnoob1: STOP CHANGE .. bad mood prin.. cute $10 b.. spitonm.. s.. shoot me in the .. 💖💖💖💖💖.. hot ukrainian b.. c.. wonderland: wonderland g.. wonderland.. is that another name ch.. you dont even know youre .. s.. wonderland: CHANGHE NAME A.. mai w.. nekonyan the cu.. you cant hide for.. MOTHER CF.. she kills a lot of chi.. THICC CHIC.. .. love will scar your ma.. tsuyu .. !!!!!!!!!!!!.. cutes.. 143 sophtnyan the sp.. ice shadow f.. hinjaku hin.. nekonyan the cu.. sono ikari wo tataki.. FL.. strawberries taste how lip.. s.. I LOVE HIM (Start to Finis.. Cat climbs reporter on.. Why I Left Buzz.. 15:55 effete: bunny bunny.. sleepys.. jotaro kujo fan.. sleepy_g.. _ s.. ;.. lag - .. tec.. goth .. jjj cereal ki.. jjjjj.. i looked across and fell i.. Shoot me in the face pl.. ph za wa.. 16:58 WOWKYS: WO.. :3 no nyanti.. USHI.. shiratori.. but does it have pocketsdo.. ww u r beautiful suns.. kage.. s.. uchiha ma.. hrfesgr.. nan.. ill miss.. i wil cru.. sus.. .. ; bla.. 0 a EE.. eh JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ.. estrogen.. yea daddy told me 2.. c.. blackberry in .. j.. bamboozled a.. bad moon prin.. bad mood prin.. rose.. .. death g.. interes.. kono dio da: youre so st.. :o corpse_b.. i made you a necklace of .. corpse b.. But can u even rea.. great job guys ur doing gr.. ROSE_.. : ) What do u know abou.. A.. so wats it like being .. nekom.. Jellyfishi.. Did u lik.. v edgy .. ) i wont know how to even br.. kys
    .. lenny the fuc.. death to beta c.. murphy has always been my .. murphy is my d.. ¥OLANDI VI.. trashy lil .. b.. birthday .. god.. nekonyaN the cu.. neko.. MEOW HOP BITE (WHAT DO SNA.. catb.. Ok.i aleep .. how come sophie feeds .. nothing i feeel not.. bunny prin.. - mu.. i felt the cold sea kiss m.. i turned around and u were.. 23:45 unfaithful.. 21:49 AutisM.. salty lil .. ik wil niet .. крол.. пеw.. ok bunnies r cute u are t.. ur not a b.. faris nyan.. im 10 and my cat - .. im 10 and my cat cut.. ku.. will your mouth read this .. HOUOUIN KY.. kurisuTII.. succ.. ang.. twitch.tv sophieexmac.. put a gun to my .. :) ahh ur t.. .. kill ur.. frick m.. :0 blow out the can.. me.. mor.. sohpbunn.. slit my th.. me soph♥l.. milkd.. milkds.. :() faris .. mayushii nyan .. anime prin.. daddys .. satans girlfr.. v triggered .. runes.. lenny fan.. vampire benzo q.. soft .. alarm .. .. sophie the lenny fu.. Sophie the motherfu.. SquishyGre.. squ.. sopht .. SOPHT.. Poor kid So.. :o) Japans Owl Cafe Incredi.. Bunny Body Lang.. cute sleepy bunny rabbits .. tilted - bu.. s.. princess good .. v mean bad .. the patria.. very funny .. ready 2 shoot (mys.. .. coup de gr.. .. idiot .. ੧╏,・_・,.. cat.. diving into.. v bad pe.. my dog cyberbullie.. my mom cyberbullie.. if you were here id sing t.. strawberries taste how lip.. everything you.. chamomile tea ex.. ur god.. Xd (no).. why do i hav my alt blo.. .. feed me p.. vampire.. underlord is my d.. me and the d.. me and t.. idont k.. why is the soap tied to .. .. THANK U.. ahhhh does that make sense.. my cat looks just like.. 17% A.. prin.. :_ bad pe.. id ickgirlso.. sophu has changed their na.. mika:.. mika: And think of my w.. TOMORROWS DIE ONE ADFTERAN.. WITH NO LIGHT COMING .. a driedup life in the busy.. with eyes so apath.. amazar.. yes arteezy fan.. artour babaev fan.. kikkujo fan.. rtz kiss your.. frog.. art.. a a ye prin.. dar.. sssss.. ib ソフ.. ib (イ.. happy birt.. ca.. ( )ㅤ(・×.. bunn.. I CUT MYSELF FOR.. ● ● ● ●.. flowe.. lil baby k.. nani .. .. just a poor ukrainian .. s.. puu.sh plRMN c6fbc40648.. i love u satan.. Ok.i a.. murphy.. bari bari gusha gusha baki.. ( .. soph.. thalassoph.. f.. moon.. ( `.. .. um sophie ;3s.. so.. super moe and generic .. sophtnyan the sp.. ` ~ f.. i did it for myself i like.. i like it .. hello hell... shut the frikc.. no adorabling all.. aa a aa a .. pastel ki.. trash ki.. idk end of the w.. eto.yoshi.. bunnycatbunnycatbunnycatbu.. die ♥ murphy x sakamoto ♥:.. murphy should.. happy new .. t.. calculator prin.. hi ur fan.. rela.. rEL Ax .. sophiet russia ki.. shia.. spe.. kiss ur.. eee.. common sad .. お願い私を殺し.. ... .. teapot spill ur tea all ov.. i love u satan senpai.. - phie the sel.. benadryl .. aaaaaaaaaa.. ? sop.. sop.. dear.. t.. .. twitch.tv art.. .. rev.. sad .. 12:32 kaneki: OMG SO.. 12:30 kaneki: no.. .. r u famous? an actr.. 귀염둥이.. 1더하기1은 귀.. i will relax once you sta.. 🔪🔪.. Good.. purchasable(.. buy me right .. on sale for .. .. garbage so.. get a .. sailor moon .. - mur.. pla.. sophie must.. sophie s.. st.. ┐(~`;.. sleepy g.. プラスチ.. breath.. ki.. why u friggin blook.. why u blovb.. .. satan is my boyfriend.. .. sophie ♥ s.. .. urgjgjbfnfkfjwjjjj.. How To Properly Cook an iP.. if i had w.. moon .. Cat Adopts Baby Bunny!! Am.. sunfl.. flower cat.. pop pop.. .. sophie ;3 s.. oov of v.. oov anti.. m.. sleepy .. .. egg pupinia_ste.. cute terro.. x x 🌙.. .. kittybunnikittybunnikittyb.. b.. en.. nya nya.. *meows in japan.. take me somewhere .. .. kil.. ᅚᅚᅚ.. ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ.. eve garbage.. .. zzzz.. aprils baby b.. put me in jail offic.. i love robbery AND fraud.. ::::::::::::) ahhhhh.. gar.. america is my favourite pl.. why cant i visit the.. wow th.. . lov.. satan .. not today s.. plastic h.. .. ba.. fluffy baby b.. i kiss girls.. gay uwu i love april .. april is my pum.. .. :3c x.. soft baby b.. phnantntom_asas.. phantom assa.. ˟ .. ˟ .. ˒ , dreamy k.. .. soft .. ᅚᅚᅚᅚ.. ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ.. .. ᅚ.. kaneki is smol.. pomf pomf~ .. kaneki.k.. kaneki se.. kaneki is rlly cut.. kane.. you're cu.. 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛𝚎 𝚌.. .. where is it within my none.. ka.. ETHAN_BRADB.. jan.. s.. milk c.. slime k.. aprilf.. happiest girl in the w.. c[ •ᴗ•.. .. i lose against easy .. medi.. [• ̆ •.. c[ •ᴗ.. bdsm handhol.. i .. notice me se.. being schoolgirl is suffe.. .. suffocat.. si.. hello hell.. cows say woof, ghosts say .. t.. ᅚᅚ.. b.. ✄.. ────.. Yes. I am d.. ★ ☆ ★ .. tori.. sylphynford tachi.. 💙💚💜.. swe.. secret_so.. always tired but never of.. qq.. tori.. 400  mat.. to.. tor.. ♪ ♫ ♩.. tori!.. tor.. tor.. tor.. t.. ice .. qtz so.. marry me.. qq sopht.. all i .. cutestestest prin.. sophtb..
    sopho; 2016 edi.. KIKILL RU.. its so loud inside my .. bird.. sophie the sopht.. cutiepiefeeeesfs.. sadg.. dreaming out .. sopht kore.. nyan nyan: the .. sophetlana the tryest s.. insom.. sopht_.. the end of my w.. so.. all i .. try_h.. its been a w.. love.. ice_prin.. undyne.the.undy.. sophetlana the tryestso.. a dark and cold dece.. snow_prin.. i dont quite .. seasons die one after ano.. trys.. i dont want the world to s.. natures so.. i wish it was sno.. Take me home to my h.. RACECAR DOWNLOAD S.. phenoda.. if I just lay .. i miss.. YOU FOUND ME, YOU FOUN.. phantom da.. secret_asian_s.. secret_agent_s.. sopho ♥ anti.. glass_s.. .. i reached for.. do you still bel.. fake a.. g.. пиу п.. kirou.. bee prin.. very small.. .. the real farmed .. bee t.. sopht.. b.. tsu.. sophiet russia .. megalov.. cute kitty waifu prin.. death feed.. Sophie.Sta.. いかな.. ikan.. SophtienyaN Sophts.. jesus never had buy.. lipser.. sophtie: nyan edi.. check_skype: nyan edi.. SOPHT N.. N.. soph.. maria_akiz.. sophet.. shadow ph.. shiny garde.. tiny glass of w.. [A D A] (.. Maria Aki.. paint it b.. 10 boo.. yellow flo.. study in werewolf transgen.. foolish s.. dead s.. smaller s.. small s.. very small s.. fruit s.. small so.. dinner so.. dr. small s.. very icte s.. ✧・゚:* (◕︿◕✿.. ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* (.. (◕﹏◕.. .. xXxXxxRiki Picker XX..
    (▰˘◡˘.. sophie ╰.. get spo.. Y.. Ha.. i hate.. byebyebyebyeby.. .. Sophiepo.. Meowie.. Sophiepoffie.. ♥ Sophie.. THATS WHERE YOULL FIN.. WHERE TROUBLES MELT .. Suzu.. Suzuka Dair.. Frederika Bernka.. Charl.. Ma.. """"&q.. ::.. ::::.. "&q..
    Black ..

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  • 16/Feb/2018
    i don't sound like a man at all karma, and it's pretty funny coming from you when you look like a fat whale in thigh highs
  • 16/Feb/2018
    haha trans die :) sounded like some straight up man on Skype :)
  • 03/Oct/2017
    this acc is 4 sale
  • 20/Jul/2016
    cringe lol
  • 19/Jul/2016
    heya. i love you
  • 07/Jul/2016
    possibly stalking you
  • 07/May/2016
    i want to die

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