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What in tarnation

Level: 7

What in tarnation steam account avatar

Last Login Date: 27/05/2017

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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52973877

Steam3: [U:1:105947755]

Community ID: 76561198066213483

Custom URL: kirinant

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Last online: 11 minutes ago
Real Name: Tarnation Handler
Steam member since: 30/06/2012
Member for: 5 years
Profile updated: 22 times on SteamID
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Name History

NameWhen It Was Changed
What in tarnation4 Feb 10:51am
Kirinant2 Dec 2016 1:26am
Londo Muerd9 Aug 2016 1:43pm
Fondo - 1 Aug 2016 3:21pm
Mondo Nerd31 Jul 2016 7:58pm
Me Me The Pickle Pee29 Jul 2016 11:11pm
Dat Boi23 Jun 2016 7:38pm
Firenant23 Jun 2016 7:36pm
O - waddup!!!!!!!29 May 2016 10:40pm
Foop McParts2 Mar 2016 12:54am
20 Name changes stored for this account

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    What in tarna..
    Kiri.. Londo M.. Fondo .. Mondo .. Me Me The Pickle.. Dat.. Fire.. O - waddup!!!.. Foop McP.. Poop McF..
    Selkie.. Lmaove.. Fuhrerve.. Le.. Fireve.. derpve.. - DdsplistVe.. - DdsplitsVe..

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Steam Friends

102 Current Friends
115 Friends Historically

1 (0.98%)
Name Friend Stats Days friends Vac Trade Com Rating
The J3RK 1,043 n/a
Tjesunil | Law___ 1,249 n/a
Noodles 1,031 n/a
trash man 269 n/a
cactus 404 n/a
Resedia 993 n/a
oXid 878 n/a
FadingCeiling 916 n/a
Bulletttttttttttttttttttttt 1,219 n/a
Le Capitaine Barbe Rouge 34 n/a
Beastboy 710 n/a
NEKiSH 1,098 n/a
Siren_Music 1,236 n/a
h3lpl3sno0b 880 n/a
Decadence 1,243 n/a
|| Syed Love || 752 n/a
Doppelgänger 372 n/a
Surge Aquos 1,120 n/a
Dr.D 861 n/a
Ravennigh 908 n/a
Corbot06 1,243 n/a
Rainbow Tylenol 211 n/a
M ercy Main 115 n/a
Clubby McGuffin 1,234 n/a
garciaboi 176 n/a
Paverus 1,081 n/a
godfather0708 1,562 n/a
Dyslexic God 1,234 n/a
DarkLeonZero 1,247 n/a
Cpt. Injoker 937 n/a
GHoST_PuNK 7 n/a
Big0Bad0Wolf 373 n/a
Im PinkBurn 1,292 n/a
Screaming Toad 1,233 n/a
[Kot] DoctorDizzl ☭ 373 n/a
Armored Girafz 382 n/a
Sliced Bread 1,238 n/a
Osiligath 1,081 n/a
The Sweety Man 904 n/a
Good Balls 1,089 n/a
OviD 340 n/a
kristianabu 1,228 n/a
Genitos 1,579 n/a
Zarkly 394 n/a
Panda Prophet 1,247 n/a
screaming frog 176 n/a
DarkrimXtrike 394 n/a
FilthyNEET 58 n/a
Tenko_Inf 23 n/a
[IG] Chargn 1,191 n/a
TgAmagedon 323 n/a
V1rtualRegret 945 n/a
Myute 947 n/a
Conspiracy Theory 712 n/a
G19Troy 214 n/a
[GW]archeni 373 n/a
Kevin Lauré 1,089 n/a
mingong 5 n/a
DRakotv 1,026 n/a
Urun 945 n/a
Noise 1,026 n/a
VVacek 394 n/a
Mondo Nerd 337 n/a
X_recon_grunt 865 n/a
Mustardini 1,587 n/a
Capt. Obvious 451 n/a
muaythaimachine 966 n/a
polkin77 1,104 n/a
Dartharoc 700 n/a
Spooky Melomania 🎃 105 n/a
Kelem 911 n/a
「TSU」 SCREW 405 n/a
Ben from California 1,233 n/a
Rogal Dorn 255 n/a
jhaysonswarm 746 n/a
Korea 325 n/a
ElMaeCarmini 886 n/a
Usamin Hearto Wave 337 n/a
Vile 1,262 n/a
NightAsougi 959 n/a
Grimex 1,098 n/a
Elixxy 71 n/a
acid 143 n/a
ibiaflorescastillo 434 n/a
LakanusMf2 929 n/a
Hiyaxz 1,049 n/a
Iceblaizing 880 n/a
OscMx211 1,030 n/a
Otzdarva 1,035 n/a
maxwuelpro 861 n/a
矢とが身 923 n/a
el - 23 949 n/a
Koreyoshi 908 n/a
Kianaldol 833 n/a
LxJxCx 12 n/a
NKD 306 n/a

Historic Friends

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Name Friend Stats Vac Trade Com Rating
| S0S | ۞ ♞ n/a
🐯 n/a
Tyrthek n/a
AbyssenTheHoly n/a
Zoeyna n/a
Saleh Ewan n/a
Hilldric n/a
Angusfdf n/a
Sir Rb n/a
Avail LF Alpha Boost n/a
StockMaster n/a

CSGO Game statistics

Steam Game Stats

steam account value: £1130.09 (147 Games)
Total game time: 137 Day 14 Hour 43 Minute
Hourly game play cost: £0.34
%27.21 (40) Games have never been played
40 Games played under an hour (%37.38 of games played)

%82.17 Money spent on games played: £928.54
%18.45 Money spent on games NOT played: £208.54

Steam Games

Game Time Played (hours)
PlanetSide 2830
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim269
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition118
Mount & Blade: Warband83
DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin67
Endless Space59
Risk of Rain51
Left 4 Dead 248
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare42
Sid Meier's Civilization V38
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege37
Garry's Mod30
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Single Player26
Anima Gate of Memories19
Galactic Civilizations III18
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive STEAM_1:0:5297387718
Saints Row IV18
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition17
Metro: Last Light Redux16
Tribes: Ascend13
Castle Crashers13
Call of Duty: World at War9
Void Destroyer9
Fallout 3 - Game of the Year Edition8
Nuclear Throne8
Metro 2033 Redux8
Beat Hazard8
Viscera Cleanup Detail6
STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II4
Don't Starve Together4
War of the Vikings4
One Finger Death Punch4
Spec Ops: The Line4
Tropico 3 - Steam Special Edition3
BattleBlock Theater3
Sniper Elite V23
Natural Selection 22
Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword2
Fractured Space2
Interstellar Marines2
The Stanley Parable1
Lambda Wars Beta1
Moonbase Alpha1
Reaper - Tale of a Pale Swordsman1
Ascend: Hand of Kul1
Skulls of the Shogun1
Ultimate Chicken Horse0
Evolution RTS0
GunZ 2: The Second Duel0
STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy™0
Quake Live0
Goat Simulator0
No More Room in Hell0
STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack0
The Settlers: Rise of an Empire Gold Edition 0
AI War: Fleet Command0
Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer0
Endless Sky0
There's Poop In My Soup0
Always Sometimes Monsters0
The Way of Life Free Edition0
Mercenary Kings0
Montague's Mount0
Don't Starve0
The Plan0
10 Second Ninja0
Fist of Jesus0
Full Mojo Rampage0
Worlds Adrift Island Creator0
Floating Point0
Destination Sol0
Universal Combat CE0
Guardians of Orion0
The Chaos Engine0
Double Dragon Neon0
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)0
May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville
NS2: Combat
The Shopkeeper
Eon Altar
Primal Carnage: Extinction
Rise of Nations: Extended Edition
Move or Die
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Multi-Player
The Settlers: Heritage of Kings
Tricky Towers
GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst
The Settlers: Rise of an Empire
Dota 2 Test
Without Within
Road to Ballhalla
Heroes & Generals
Realm of the Mad God
Lambda Wars Dedicated Server - Tool
No Time To Explain Remastered
Left 4 Dead 2 Beta
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior
Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa's Rampage
Divide by Sheep
Speedball 2 HD
Super Comboman
Starbound - Unstable
Blast Em!
Over 9000 Zombies!
Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third
Rampage Knights
Galcon 2
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
Richard & Alice
Magicka: Wizard Wars
Tesla Effect
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