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Last Login Date: 21/02/2017

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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:55731634

Steam3: [U:1:111463269]

Community ID: 76561198071728997

Short URL: cktjs5128


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Last online: 1 day ago
Country: Korea
Steam member since: 17/09/2012
Member for: 4 years
Profile Updates: 47

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Name History

NameWhen It Was Changed
호과봉21 Feb 12:48am
MOOMOO18 Feb 8:43pm
Décalcomanie16 Dec 2016 8:06pm
코마니9 Dec 2016 9:49pm
HoguB0ng6 Dec 2016 8:33pm
HoguBng6 Dec 2016 8:32pm
Deer27 Nov 2016 4:35pm
Well Played30 Dec 2015 4:19am
Stupid Deer17 Oct 2015 3:39am
바쁜 척 하는 중22 Aug 2015 4:12pm
36 Name changes stored for this account

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    호.. MO..
    호.. Décalcom.. MO.. 코.. Hogu.. Hog.. ..
    Well Pl.. Stupid .. 바쁜 척 하는.. 바쁜.. DeerPh.. 호구 .. .. 나 혼자 남으면 진 .. 호구.. 하겐.. (음성) 호과봉 : 메.. 호..
    불닭볶.. FireChickenFriedNo.. 불닭.. cktjs.. HoguBng ( oth..
    S㎜`Hо6цЩ+Б.. 호+.. 호 + .. Hogω(αß.. S㎜`Ho6μ+.. S㎜` 호 + .. S㎜`호+.. 호과봉(Br.. [SMM™]호과봉(Br..

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Name Friend Stats Days friends Vac Trade Com Rating
[Jeremih] 1,334 n/a
MangGoo 1,574 n/a
Kaikee 1,065 n/a
[PN]플터샤이(군대간다ㅜ 1,362 n/a
n00b 1,245 n/a
pi3 1,458 n/a
발렌 1,272 n/a
Coke0348 648 n/a
Ask To Molestia 1,314 n/a
Boo 1,432 n/a
afk 1,262 n/a
Inst.♪ 1,075 n/a
SyndrominG 1,472 n/a
Humming 426 n/a
$ungju0206 1,474 n/a
Undead Presto 683 n/a
님프 658 n/a
hayul 1,467 n/a
국산멸치 1,360 n/a
Suuu 676 n/a
Twinkle sky SPspam 364 n/a
Jun 사랑의짝대기 1,272 n/a
SYZIE 87 n/a
_ ADELA+ + 676 n/a
CandyPaper 658 n/a
BoBo 1,151 n/a
Sleepy machine 658 n/a
jubaekro:주백로 658 n/a
켙 629 n/a
Montagne 80 n/a

Historic Friends

(Not friends any more)

Name Friend Stats Vac Trade Com Rating
Da Pakmate n/a
if n/a
welcome057 n/a
DZ n/a
Warp n/a
MLG Cat n/a
SeaPhobia n/a
Dispenser (Jake the Dog) n/a
Oscar(농사 n/a
Sta n/a
Yeop Sun n/a
쿼터 n/a
[Key Bro] Max n/a
삼다수 젬병팀 n/a
HighWay#3403 n/a
Team4Dead n/a
WaGrano 손이 n/a
jong s n/a
kARang n/a
BadToast n/a
Dona n/a
의자 n/a
DicAment n/a
¤ ๖Darksacrifice n/a
Negative Joey§ n/a
Loofy101™ n/a
Robert n/a
그림쟁이 n/a
Kim Hyeong Beom n/a
Mr.White n/a
궁디팡팡! n/a
- S n/a
Why so serious n/a
MrEJ n/a
anthony n/a
Donut n/a
眞紅角 n/a
MrCO0W n/a
tEgul n/a
How To Became A Retard n/a
가젯잔 시장님 보좌관 n/a
상하이조 n/a
tomxat7 n/a
SilverStar[Korean Brony] n/a
DerPurple n/a
[BOT] DRAG2 ToD #1 n/a
MosesZurükgekommen n/a
broccoliboi28 n/a
ll RockWua ll n/a
[DLT]waitung1 n/a
Anaithnid. n/a
[kor] Rumidereu Berber n/a
Boglie n/a
MangoTree. n/a
Mundo n/a
[BOT] DRAG3 ToD #2 n/a
Egoist n/a
폭격 요정의공포 n/a
Cricket Guy(Phone Guy) n/a
꽃비 n/a

CSGO Game statistics

Steam Game Stats

steam account value: £735.82 (107 Games)
Total game time: 15 Day 21 Hour 06 Minute
Hourly game play cost: £1.93
%78.5 (84) Games have never been played
4 Games played under an hour (%17.39 of games played)

%24.64 Money spent on games played: £181.33
%75.36 Money spent on games NOT played: £554.49

Steam Games

Game Time Played (hours)
Don't Starve109
Sid Meier's Civilization V66
Crypt of the NecroDancer52
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive STEAM_1:0:5573163431
Cave Story+21
Portal 219
Don't Starve Together13
Risk of Rain7
To the Moon7
Poker Night at the Inventory6
Stardew Valley6
Super Hexagon4
War Thunder3
Bit Blaster XL2
This War of Mine1
Mini Metro1
Race The Sun1
One Finger Death Punch0
Nuclear Throne0
Quake Live0
The Stanley Parable
Song of the Deep
Invisible, Inc.
Girls Like Robots
Retro Game Crunch
7 Grand Steps, Step 1: What Ancients Begat
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
Tower of Guns
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
Guacamelee! Gold Edition
Dusty Revenge
Dota 2 Test
A Virus Named TOM
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
PAYDAY: The Heist
AI War: Fleet Command
World of Goo
Guns of Icarus Online
The Swapper
Mushroom 11
Secrets of Rætikon
Chroma Squad
Monster Loves You!
Waking Mars
Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!
Thirty Flights of Loving
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
Realms of the Haunting
Double Fine Adventure: EP10 - Part One of Something Great - Video
Double Fine Adventure: EP11 - Ship It - Video
Double Fine Adventure: EP12 - A Whole Different Game Experience - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep09 - Broken Age - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep08 - Adventure Games Are Not Dead - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep04 - Walking Around In Our Drawings - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep05 - It’s Gonna Get Hairy - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep06 - That Bagel Filter Thing - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep07 - We'll Handle It - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep13 - Crash Landing a Plane - Video
Double Fine Adventure: EP14 - I Think This is a Winner - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep01 - A Perfect Storm For Adventure - Video
System Shock 2
System Shock: Classic
System Shock: Enhanced Edition
Double Fine Adventure: Ep20 - We Did Our Job - Video
Double Fine Adventure: EP19 - Last Call - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep15 - Evergreen Games - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep16 - This Time it's Just for Love - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep17 - Deadline for Tim - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep18 - Constipation and Defcon 4 - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep03 - Codename: Reds - Video
Double Fine Adventure: Ep02 - A Promise of Infinite Possibility - Video
Read Only Memories
Beat Hazard
Luna's Wandering Stars
Potatoman Seeks the Troof
Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut
Team Indie
The Witness
Ninja Pizza Girl
Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora
No Time To Explain Remastered
Human Resource Machine
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Double Fine Adventure - Series
JumpJet Rex
Jones On Fire
Super Galaxy Squadron EX
Hand of Fate
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