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Last online: 1 hour ago
Real Name: The gal who eats all the BBQ ribs at dinner
Country: United States of America
Steam member since: 27/12/2012
Member for: 5 years
Profile updated: 495 times on SteamID

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NameWhen It Was Changed
Anniquake15 Mar 11:46pm
K9015 Mar 1:04am
K90UNIT14 Mar 4:06pm
K9UNITE13 Mar 4:40pm
AxiomNachtFox™SIDE KICC12 Mar 5:24pm
The Legendary Cornbread12 Mar 3:14pm
Cornbreads sidekick12 Mar 11:51am
Corn breads side kick12 Mar 11:45am
Corn bread12 Mar 11:36am
KayNinety♡6 Mar 9:34am
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    Anniquake K90 K90UNIT K90 K90UNIT K9UNITE Anniquake AxiomNachtFox™SIDE KICC The Legendary Cornbread Cornbreads sidekick Corn breads side kick Corn bread KayNinety♡ The Pigeon Lady from HomeAlone The pigeon lady from home .. KayNinet.. Anniquak..
    KayNinet.. anniquak.. ♡______.. ♡_.. KayNinet.. HAHAHA.. HOLY MACKADA.. KayNinet.. KayNinety♡.. KayNinet.. KayNinety♡(.. KayNinet.. squ.. Squishy nocturnal po.. squ.. Funny bea.. KayNinet.. KayNinety♡*Si.. KayNinet.. KEY ME .. KayNinet.. I love Christmas T.. Flannel .. KayNinet.. Flannel .. KayNi.. o.. KayNi.. o.. KayNi.. buz lightyear2the re.. KayNi.. KayNi.. Freaking blon.. KayNi.. join if you .. SweetPo.. Po.. KayNi.. Happeh po.. KayNi.. Happeh po.. sad po.. KayNi.. Baby Feat.. KayNinety(.. KayNi.. KayNinety(.. KayNi.. KayNinety (.. dnd KayN.. KayNinety(be back la.. KayNi.. DirtyTa.. KayNi.. Consider Yourself Roaste.. Xd Roxyf.. Pyro.. Roxy.. Roxyf.. Roxy.. Pyro.. Potato.. Anniq.. .. Anniq.. Baby Feat.. Anniq.. Anniquake #.. Add me back if you .. AQ A.. Anni.. AnniQuak.. AnniQua.. Ann skeledoodle dill pickle.. Roxyfo.. 尺ㄖ乂ㄚ千ㄖ.. ʀᴏxʏғᴏ.. Roxyfo.. nerd with a bir.. Roxyfo.. roxyfo.. roxy♡.. rox.. roxy♡.. first straight.. Neon Pi.. .. Neon Pi.. Anniq.. R.. IM HOMOPHOBIC AND IM PRRrR.. IM HOMOPHOBIC AND IM PR.. KayNi.. Anniq.. Roxanne Bon.. Roxanne Marry Bon.. .. ann AnniQuak.. Pleek.. Profile .. heck po.. Snorgle Berry Toot .. Snorgle Berry Toot.. Rox.. Anniq.. an - i.. Anniquake(.. Anniquake(do not dist.. Anniq.. Mentally Challenged Chip.. Professor .. anniquake ( d.. anniq.. Do not Dis.. ann ann ann (.. Anniq.. Anniq.. Anniq.. Anniq.. #FidgetSpinner_XX PRO[2302.. H.. yunipyne.. ann CringeQ.. ......aaaAAAAAAAAAAA.. CringeQueen*sick .. lol .. a.. anniqua.. Dont cl.. Dnot cl.. aɴɴɪǫᴜᴀ.. 💝Aɴɴɪǫᴜᴀᴋᴇ.. c r.. co.. Anniquak.. anniq.. AɴɴɪQᴜᴀ.. ... ᴀɴɴɪQᴜᴀ.. HELP ME LEVEL.. Anniq.. Edgyq.. Fluffy Pota.. Anniq.. RoxyRo.. Gha heck SH.. .. R.. Wish me well on my jour.. 𝑅𝑜𝓍𝓎𝐹𝑜.. ... HissMc.. Ro.. #PrayFor.. This isnt faa.. the edge is finally hur.. Anniq.. Anni.. daddy feat.. Ill git gud, just watch.. Rox.. O.. Ding ding, Your coffees .. Roxy is spoiled ro.. .. Roxy is gonna slap blitz a.. Roxy give.. Roxy thinks of Unico.. 𝑅𝑜𝓍.. Hicdoodlebutte.. .. Roxy higgabu.. r.. RoxyBarka.. [rest.. GonnaTakeABigLon.. RoxyButt.. [ drawing something ed.. Pink.. WET R.. im no furry, Im a potato p.. Po.. M.. INH.. *CO.. Roxy mCbUTTE.. Anni.. Being Edgy is my job th.. EdgycatisbetterthanEdgytv ..
    Anni.. *WHE.. Dank M.. never.. Taking A B.. Saltyq.. Brianna is secretly a 4yr.. Brianna is secretly s.. Brianna is secretly.. Brianna is secretly .. #TalkToYourPetsWith.. Fricking spide.. Here they come, for your c.. ok.. nevermin.. this suuu.. sleepless cheese wi.. Sleepless wizard, I have c.. Ice.. Whatre my points?.. wolfa stop taking my p.. A WOLFEON794 APPE.. ( Practicing.. g.. 𝓐𝓷𝓷𝓲𝓺𝓾.. Anniqua.. rip ever.. RIP Anniq.. 120 « Voi.. Rox.. WeepingPro.. sinnamon r.. SINNAMON .. CINNAMON .. Anniqu.. CringeQ.. CringeQueen#fiteThew.. CringeQu.. Bat.. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. RoxyFox.. Ooooo pretzEKKK.. STAHP LEAVING M.. Plum.. CAN O B.. Pl.. RoxyFox*S.. IM A PO.. .. ROAST IT IN THE FIRE.. brittish magical flying.. p.. Tweedl.. i just got roa.. ♢Petr.. Petr.. Potat.. TRAUMATIZED.. TRAMATIZED.. JellyF.. DWARF IN H.. SMEXY R.. TREE ON D.. Fancy L.. A DRUNK OR.. The GravityFalls trash nam.. ELLIP.. NOOB S.. Pixel.. ;3 mmnhhhh IM .. Dhat Tired K.. Grinning Broc.. Ro.. TYPO HI.. Talen.. HERO .. WeepingPr.. LittleWeepingPr.. SWAG.. Spac.. SweetPo.. WHERES MY WI.. Space po.. i have a.. Roxanne Aldeek Con.. :3 Pink Potato Dog.. Roxa.. Roxy the Potato .. OxygenSe.. OxygenSeven.(DoNOTDistu.. OxySe.. AnnaFoxpaws... .. your worst dank.. Rox Kay Pin.. Puss N Bo.. Ka.. Pa.. im so patient right now*sa.. SnowLeop.. Pap.. Pink .. SilverFoxd.. .. Im despicably terrible.. IM NOT HAVI.. Do not msg.. The Sweater .. Roxanne.. Roxanne~♥Birthday T.. Roxanne .. Rox.. Roxx.. Vi..
    ArtySparksFo.. The Lord of Swea.. Space Pot.. my name went to s.. IConfess,ImWe.. AŕťýśpaŕķśFø.. Aŕťýśpaŕ.. AS.. [ASF120]RoxyTheCowGirlFo.. RoxyTheCowGirlFo.. RoxyTheCowGirlFox120(YKWFI.. .. just dont talk to me.. LEAVE ME ALONE!!.. ArtySparksFox120 *i give .. ArtySparksFox120*SO EXCITE.. leave....me....alone........ By.. ArtySparksFox120do Not dis.. ArtySparksFox120*An.. ArtySparksFox120*G.. ArtySparksFox120(SUCCESSS.. αятуѕpαяksfσ.. .. .. ... Testing Markiplier.. 💜RoxyTheLoneCowGirlFox.. 💜💜RoxyTheLoneCowGirl.. 💜💜💜RoxyTheCowGirl.. 💜RoxyTheCowGirlFox.. 💜RoxyTheStupidCowGirlFo.. ♥~Cloey~The~Fox~.. ~♥~CloeyTheFox~♥~™(E.. ~♥~CloeyTheFox~♥.. ~♥~CloeyTheFox~♥~™(K.. ~♥~CloeyTheFox~♥~™(!.. ~♥~CloeyTheFox~♥~™(h.. ~♥~CloeyTheFox~♥~™(.. ~♥~VioletTheFox~♥.. ~♥~VioletTheFox~♥~™(.. ♥RoxyTheCowGirlFox.. ♥VioletTheFox♥(.. ♥VioletTheFo.. ♥VioletTheFox♥(cryng. .. ♥VioletTheFox♥(asl.. ♥VioletTheFox♥(leave m.. ♥VioletTheFox♥(dont di.. ♥Violet The Emo Fox♥(C.. ♥Violet The Emo Fo.. ♥Violet The Fo.. ♥Violet The Fox♥*.. ♥RoxyTheCowgirlFo.. RoxyTheCow.. RoxyTheCowgirl(A.. RoxyTheCowgirl(CRY.. Roxy The.. Roxy The Fox(sick & sc.. GUILTY AND ASH.. OFFLINE AND DEAD IN.. ♥Roxy.. ♥Roxy♥™(REVENGE THIR.. ✿♥Roxy.. ✿♥Ice kitty.. ✿♥Kay.. Roxy the cowgir.. Roxy the cowgirlFox(.. Roxy the cow.. RoxyThe Cowgir.. RoxyCowGir.. ✿RoxyTheCowGirlFo.. ✿❤Roxy..

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steam account value: £468.01 (80 Games)
Total game time: 145 Day 22 Hour 15 Minute
Hourly game play cost: £0.13
%27.5 (22) Games have never been played
14 Games played under an hour (%24.14 of games played)

%77.37 Money spent on games played: £362.11
%25.4 Money spent on games NOT played: £118.88

Steam Games

Game Time Played (hours)
Garry's Mod1,973
Portal 2592
Left 4 Dead 2180
Blood and Bacon48
Half-Life 247
Spore: Galactic Adventures43
Don't Starve Together33
Five Nights at Freddy's28
Five Nights at Freddy's 225
The Isle14
Half-Life 2: Episode One13
Little Nightmares11
Don't Starve10
Insaniquarium! Deluxe8
Bejeweled 38
Thinking with Time Machine6
Half-Life: Opposing Force6
The First Tree - 5
Sanctum 25
Portal Stories: Mel5
ORION: Prelude5
Geometry Dash5
Fallout: New Vegas4
Blender 2.78 - Application4
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast3
School of Dragons: How to Train Your Dragon3
No More Room in Hell2
Mass Effect 22
Black Mesa2
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location2
Transmissions: Element 1201
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare1
DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon1
Half-Life: Blue Shift1
Primal Carnage1
Half-Life Deathmatch: Source0
Spore: Creepy & Cute Parts Pack0
Super Mega Neo Pug0
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch0
Five Nights at Freddy's 40
Half-Life 2: Episode Two0
The Ship0
Worms Armageddon0
PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+0
Portal 2 Sixense Perceptual Pack0
Dota 2 Test0
Alien Breed: Impact0
Alien Breed 2: Assault0
Worms Crazy Golf0
Dead Space 20
Terrian Saga: KR-170
The Ship Single Player0
The Ship Tutorial0
Company of Heroes 20
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator - 0
Rocket League0
The Ship: Remasted0
Alien Breed 3: Descent0
You Have to Win the Game0
Marvel Puzzle Quest0
Left 4 Dead 2 Beta0
Haunted Memories0
Castle Crashers0
Dragon Age: Origins0