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Funky G

Level: 11

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Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:64158581

Steam3: [U:1:128317162]

Community ID: 76561198088582890

Short URL: imsofunky


Profile Data

Last online: 10 hours ago
Real Name: You re a
Country: Niger
Steam member since: 11/04/2013
Member for: 4 years
Profile Updates: 11

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Name History

NameWhen It Was Changed
FunkyG11 Dec 2016 7:39pm
SK.taquinho9 Dec 2016 4:46pm
SK | fox5 Dec 2016 1:44pm
fox5 Dec 2016 1:40pm
FunkyG Trading Knife27 Nov 2016 2:35pm
FunkyG Knife 4 Trade21 Nov 2016 10:32am
Funky⇝☠15 Nov 2016 9:41am
Funky⇝∊15 Nov 2016 9:28am
Funky⇝⋿15 Nov 2016 9:28am
Funky⋿15 Nov 2016 9:28am
47 Name changes stored for this account

Previous Names

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    Fu.. SK.taqu.. SK |.. fox FunkyG Trading K.. FunkyG Knife 4 T.. Funky.. Funky.. Funky Pa.. ✪ Funky Pa.. ✪ F.. ✪ Funky Mo.. ✪ FUNKY CS.M.. ✪ COD C.. ✪ L.. ✪ Fu.. ✪ Funky Knife 4 T.. Herman J.. ✪ Ϝunky Asiimov 4T.. ✪ Ϝunky Master Piece .. ✪ Ϝunky AK CH 4 T.. ✪ Ϝunky Mo.. ✪ Ϝ.. ✪ Ϝunky AK Case Harden.. ✪ Ϝunky AK Vulcan 4.. ✪ Ϝun.. ✪ Ϝu.. ✪ Funky AK Redline 4 .. ✪ ℱunky ℳo.. ✪ Da ..
    Funky Mo.. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gav.. Pabli.. Pablito CSGOFORC.. Pab.. P.. P.. V.. BOT .. Veno.. Ven.. Rachel.. The .. Venom ( ͡° ͜ʖ .. ..

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155 Friends Historically

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Name Friend Stats Days friends Vac Trade Com BList Rating
Moonspell 571 n/a
• MoGo 125 n/a
ozzY 516 n/a
Asstr0naut 249 n/a
WhiteLines 534 n/a
Azarado 47 n/a
Chaos Nito 1,118 n/a
NEBUR2S 67 n/a
ArKanToS 539 n/a
SADM_objxiii 91 n/a
vxlog 132 n/a
Mr.Wokie 85 n/a
fAms 69 n/a
Kyr 132 n/a
✪ luukas x *RIP 543 n/a
Tulicreme 674 n/a
Carv 651 n/a
unknown 297 n/a
Weyrd 737 n/a
mishlawi (vendo inventario) 77 n/a
O_Tubarão_Maldisposto n/a
Mr.DoG® 69 n/a
HaRd 92 n/a
- Cat ™ | Happy New Year! 651 n/a
s a k e n 737 n/a
Delph 563 n/a
RFFZ bAcK 572 n/a
Léon☕ 266 n/a
Sir_Marado n/a
NookiE 746 n/a
derrickrose1 249 n/a
L. 241 n/a
He Man n/a
Homem das Tabernas 651 n/a
Exura Sio 578 n/a
101 n/a
Pinguu RC * 147 n/a
✪ SlotPite 271 n/a
WolkezZ 76 n/a
✪ sKatan 270 n/a
rory 110 n/a
Добрый Вечер n/a
KennyS n/a
✪ cHaL1Ko0B0yy 294 n/a
Road2Silver n/a
dabexd | G2A 98 n/a
shorTy # 342 n/a
SicK #G2A n/a
Fresty14 n/a
Plat 63 n/a
✪ JONNY CASH $$ n/a
Just n/a
MrSaimon 35 n/a

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Name Friend Stats Vac Trade Com BList Rating
thad n/a
34 n/a
TempoBiggins n/a
Shark00n n/a
road to n/a
Urukai n/a
furyo n/a
✮╯AimarS ✨ n/a
TozedasCoves n/a
Fly_BomB n/a
♛MirrorPT♛ n/a
Diabolic n/a
dingDingDong n/a
Maria Leal aqui só para ti 3 n/a
Derankappa n/a
deFaulTfX n/a
unpre n/a
Vlaar n/a
[PT]ofap n/a
Parvodocabelo n/a
Ryuk n/a
Kevin n/a
plastiko 3C n/a
Soul n/a
papalukasz n/a
Duff Man n/a
mantis.soe n/a
[Kr]yptonQu[Ar]k #[K]araRust90 n/a
Fugazee n/a
Modafokin Starboy n/a
WELL ZaNzA n/a
SydoN n/a
MDR. LMD14 n/a
easkyy #55 n/a
✪ guardian S>Kara #152 n/a
MrParker n/a
Donkey n/a
Turbosaappi n/a
iTsMorZpT n/a
Tommy_Knight n/a
pringles n/a
MKVL n/a
mkCyborG n/a
furyan n/a
Khan n/a
SaViTaR n/a
PardaL n/a
Nixter n/a
MendeZzZzzz n/a
realg4LIFE n/a
Scorpion [TRADING H1Z1 ADD ME] n/a
Matraquilho. n/a
Light ★ YouTuber n/a
Lukekaku n/a
OgaiTavares n/a
realyzee CRUC1AL n/a
[141]AdamOSs n/a
DrVAC n/a
Asdasd n/a
RAFA 3 n/a
Omietkový Démon n/a
HeaDShoT n/a
Smurfiing power n/a
Zerozard n/a
orhan37 n/a
Mr. Jonny Bravo n/a
♛d33zzzzy♛ n/a
RoXx . . .[PT] n/a
Lambcricas n/a
Yuri n/a
Tommy n/a
Miike A1 n/a
DoN € u D Λ Ҡ n/a
iTzFalse n/a
Santos (the return) n/a
I Kinga I n/a
SluggerBICEPS ® n/a
not hasta la vista yet n/a
fatm n/a
Shroud n/a
ZOBA n/a
Cl Skill 1 n/a
♛ DanniNC01 ♛™ n/a
Mr.Zurga n/a
KING (trading) n/a
nunopro77_PTCSGOTRINITY - M n/a
Makochima || V1sual 3 || n/a
...+IX n/a
chefetribal n/a
M0R3IR4 n/a

CSGO Game statistics

Steam Game Stats

steam account value: £343.48 (83 Games)
Total game time: 66 Day 9 Hour 54 Minute
Hourly game play cost: £0.22
%39.76 (33) Games have never been played
6 Games played under an hour (%12 of games played)

%68.47 Money spent on games played: £235.19
%43.75 Money spent on games NOT played: £150.27

Steam Games

Game Time Played (hours)
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive STEAM_1:0:641585811,370
Left 4 Dead 243
Trinium Wars9
Magma Tsunami7
Blockwick 26
Trouble In The Manor5
Envoy 25
Heaven Island - VR MMO5
Gun Done5
Magic Quest5
Mystica: The Ninth Society5
Dead Bits5
Alter World4
Puzzle Galaxies4
BoneBone: Rise of the Deathlord4
Space Pilgrim Episode IV: Sol4
Project Starship4
Rage Parking Simulator 20164
State of Anarchy4
Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer4
Stealth Inc 23
Sniper Elite V23
Star Sky 23
The Deer3
The Next Door3
White Noise Online3
Heaven Island Life2
Woodle Tree Adventures2
Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf2
Airscape: The Fall of Gravity2
Spaceport Hope2
Attrition: Nuclear Domination2
DiRT 3 Complete Edition1
Half-Life 21
Tropico 3 - Steam Special Edition0
RACE 070
GTR Evolution0
Crash Time II
Bionic Commando Rearmed
Left 4 Dead 2 Beta
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad - Single Player
DiRT Showdown
World of Tanks Blitz
Chicken Shoot 2
TrackMania Nations Forever
Lethal Brutal Racing
RaceRoom Racing Experience
Drift Streets Japan
Nuclear Shot
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Maker
The Orb Chambers
Rabiez: Epidemic
Unknown Battle
AI: Rampage
\"Glow Ball\" - The billiard puzzle game
Life Is Strange™
Memories of a Vagabond
Heavy Metal Machines
Dirty Bomb
Grave Prosperity: Redux- part 1
Into The War
Order of Battle: World War II
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