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Why should I send my support?

SteamID is maintained,written and managed solely by one person, The server costs are not cheap but SteamID is a project for me that I have built up over the years. SteamID provides a free service to people and I believe helps the community. I live with my partner working full time to support a family of now three kids so any support is greatly appreciated.

What are the benefits?

When you donate 5 GBP or more to SteamID you will unlock extra benefits to say thanks!

* Supporter badge on profile (10 gbp or less is bronze)
* See how people find your profile (A new link will appear under "My Profile" showing you this)
* Freetext available on profile via the "my profile area"
* More API Calls across steamid,counterstrikeglobal
* Top of up "support" credits

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